Monday, May 04, 2009

Family Heirlooms - Cowboy edition

I have a plethora of crap in my house. I have my own crap - things I have been collecting and buying for about 30 years in the off chance I will someday read it, use it, need it, or be able to sell it. Add to that some of my sisters' crap they left behind in their many moves and my father's crap which he thoughtfully left behind when he high-tailed it out of the country, and my house is one hell of a mess.

With an upcoming move and wedding in the future (although, I guess that's what upcoming means) I have decided it is high time I cleaned up some around here. This motivation is brought to you by "accidentally slept all day" and "am totally not tired". That and the number "3".

I started in the basement. And hauled it all upstairs. Why? This is where the TV and computer are. Duh. I went through all the books that someone brought to my house from my grandparents farm after they died. I guess I should just be pleased I did not also get their entire collection of Readers Digests and National Geographics dating back to 1893.

Then, I unearthed the box of toys belonging to my father. GOLD MINE. Well, if gold were being offered for little plastic toys of Cnl Custard, a buffalo, and a sheep with missing feet (that somehow mysteriously still stands). While I was taking pictures of everything for my father to look at and tell me what to do with things, I thought I would show everyone else what we discovered.

This is the coolest (and most sellable) item down there.
An original "Wagons of the Old West" Wooden kit. Very cool.

An old knife scabbard. No actual knife to go with it,
but it's leather and has my Dad's name carved into it.
Who doesn't need one of these?

And no house is complete without the metal statue of an Indian Chief
that displays the date and year.
The inscription on the little button part reads "Rosetown RCMP"
which means the RCMP gave out these statues.
Ah, irony. They rounded them up and then used them for knick knacks.

I remember playing with these when I was a kid,
so I guess I'm impressed they lasted so long.
Not sure what happened to the sheep's feet, but he can stand anyway.
He doesn't let a disability get in the way.

The rifle makes me happy. It is a 5 inch metal rifle.
No idea where it came from, but it is awesome.


  1. I love that the 1948 calendar is still in that thing. If Dad doesn't want it, I do.
    Also, how have I never seen that wagon? So cool!

  2. What's your plan for your grandparent's books?


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