Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Right place, right time

I was doing a shift at the women's shelter where I do some extra work. I tend to only work short shifts and overnights. Today, I was done much earlier than I expected. I had walked to work, so made my way home again. It was a lot of walking today, as I knew I would walk home just in time to turn around and walk the dog again. However, it's one of the first days the weather has not been in the minus 500000000000 so it wasn't punishment.

Montel and I set out on our regular route. We stopped here and there, chatted with a few old ladies who adore Monty. (Including one who called him Montel in a french accent. Awesome!) We dawdled and wandered until we got near the Catholic school by our house. I saw a little girl who looked a bit lost.

I smiled at her -- not thinking anything of it and continued on the way. She turned a 180 and trotted after me. She took her book bag off and showed me the address tag on it. I stopped to look at it and recognized the name and address on it. The address belonged to my friend, Ultra Violet.

I was a bit confused. I looked at the girl closer and realized she was older than I originally thought. She looked in her early 20s, but spoke maybe three words of English. I told her I knew Violet and would walk her home. Montel took off at a good pace and the little girl had to run to keep up. I found out she is going to university, staying with my friend, and has been in the country 4 days. Four days!!

We walked her home, said good bye and I turned around. Standing there was a middle aged woman with a bundle of packages and a lost look on her face. Here we go again. A short two blocks away, Montel and I carried on home.


  1. What an amazing day!

    Does The Guy really understand how loving a person he is marrying?


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