Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yes, you did just say that

A friend, Kelly H, spent some time working at an office. One day, he got a call from a coworker regarding some papers he had been requested to gather. He told his coworker the papers were ready for his signature if the coworker would just pop by his office. The coworker requested that Kelly instead bring the papers to him. Perplexed and a little annoyed, Kelly went upstairs to the coworker's office.

Just before entering the coworker's door, Kelly read the name plaque on the wall. So-and-so Vice President. Kelly entered, apologized for requesting the man come to his office, got the paperwork signed, and went back to his office.

Lamenting to another coworker some time later, he explained he had not meant to insult the man. Kelly proclaimed, "I just didn't know of his VP-ness!!" Choked laughter was heard from the hall.

*Written with express permission from Kelly H himself.

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  1. There is an advert on a Kyiv TV channel for something called Pinosol. Except in Russian or Ukrainian i is pronounced as a long e. It makes me laugh every time they sing the jingle.


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