Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's just a little melt down

Okay, this is blurry, but... you get the picture. Stephen Fry is following me on Twitter. My heart is now pounding and I'm getting all sweaty. Stephen effing Fry.

Now, rationally, I know it is likely just a gesture. He is following thousands of people. He likely isn't actually reading anything I have to say. However, there is a distinct possibility that something I write might be flit upon by the eyes of STEPHEN FRY. I might make him smile. Maybe even chuckle.

More likely he will never see it because it is his overrun assistant who actually runs his Twitter account. He just gives them ideas and they take care of the rest.

But right now, with minimum sleep and maximum caffeine, I am having a small panic attack of the fact that one of the funniest men ever could possibly run across something I wrote.

And the pressure of it all makes me want to block him.


  1. Ever since I started following him, I've been worried about that, since he's been trying to follow everyone back.

    (And it looks like it's really him, Twittering from his Blackberry. He posted a picture of himself trapped on an elevator.)

  2. (I mean "really him and not an assistant.")

    And the good thing is that you're hilarious. Very much hilarious.

  3. Exactly why I don't twitter.

    Well, that and the fact that he refuses to follow me.

  4. Oooh, the Stephen Fry?! You're a rock star!


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