Monday, February 02, 2009

My sister on "love"

Since my sister explained my brother's outlook on the things of love, I thought it only fair to share her view point. It explains a lot about my sisters. And their alone-ness.

I was talking to Ky about The Guy and I preparing to put my house up for sale. I told her he came over to help me one day and offered to do the outside work. Ky was impressed.

You mean, he offered to come over and pick poop? That is love!

I explained that I didn't take him up on that (I mean, my siblings don't even help me with that most of the time and two of them are sharing the dogs) but he did take the bucket full of frozen poop and snow out to the garbage when I was done shovelling it.

Seriously Bron. He emptied the poop bucket. That is LOVE.


I have to admit that title sounds a bit like "Your brain on crack." That wasn't what I was going for, but it worked out okay.


  1. I totally assumed that you were going to write about my actual theories on love which were inspired by John Donne. You remember--the ones that used to make you really, really mad at me?

  2. I remember Kara used to say if you see someone puke and it doesn't repulse you from ever kissing them again it MIGHT be love.


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