Monday, February 02, 2009

Days of Grace: Day 64

The poor guys who read this blog were pretty traumatized by my last day's graces. Well, except my brother. He would be fine. Considering he is the one who used to take the ultimate joy in farting in a cup and opening it under my nose while I slept. No wonder I have brain damage.

I'm grouchy today. I left work grouchy this morning and it has carried on through day -- the dogs were BORED and annoyed at the fact I was SLEEPING. Now I'm growling at them and wishing I could just hide in the bathtub for the rest of the week rather than go back to work.

  1. When Madison desperately wants to play with Montel, she sits in front of him and barks like mad to get his attention. His tail wags like crazy, but he refuses to look her in the eye because he knows she will pounce. It is too funny.
  2. Friends who will come with you to a store and not be mad at you when you find out it is closed. After you've already found parking down town.
  3. Creamsicles. For supper.
  4. Naps before night shift. I am hoping this one will get me out of my funk.
  5. My pretty flowers I got a few days ago. They still look nice and remind me of The Guy's thoughtfulness. Aw, warm and fuzzy.


  1. we're back on track. lol

  2. Remember when you put a treat on each knee and made Davey Dog and Desi Dog wait for the command to take it from you? Desi stared intently all muscles coiled to spring. Davey turned his head away so he didn't have to look at it.

    Oh, and tonight I put food in one dish and Volk kept Bobik away from it. Who's the boss here anyhow?

  3. I cannot take credit for "cup o' fart". It was a trick played on Steven by his older bro Darren.


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