Thursday, February 26, 2009

More on The Guy

I was going to title it "Moron The Guy", but I will have to leave you to discover that play on words by yourself and chuckle immensely. I did.

Rob-Bear (a friend of my Dad's) asked a few other questions. I thought I would answer. What can I say? I'm short on ideas.

What is his favorite colour? I tease him that it is beige, but it's not really. He wears a lot of blue and brown, so I guess those would be it.

If he weren't with you, who would he prefer to be with? NO ONE. He would much prefer to die alone and miserable with NO COMPANION than to ever spend a moment without me. Do you hear that, The Guy? NO ONE. Unless you mean, what friends would he prefer to hang out with and then I would say his sister and his friends from work.

What bugs him most about his work? And his life? I think it's likely the inner politics that bug him most about his work. Or the shifts. 4AM to 1PM suck monkey butt. And his life? He's usually pretty content with that. Maybe its that he doesn't have enough time to golf more often or enough money to do everything he would like to.

Does he think the Riders will win the Grey Cup next year? He hopes the Riders will win. I think he knows that isn't that likely, but he will never admit that. It would be bad luck. In fact, for me to write that he might not believe it, could be enough to make them lose. So now if they do, the blame is clearly on me.

How many kids does he want to have? And will he teach them how to play cricket? Or for that matter, how does he feel about inheriting kids? We are currently in gentle dispute over numbers of children. I will win. He will not teach them cricket. Unless he teaches them to play with crickets. I will condone that. I think he has inherited enough dogs, he would prefer if I didn't add inherited kids to that!!


  1. I would have thought the answer to question 2 would have been ANYONE.

  2. Oops! I think I committed a fox-paws by asking question number two. The answer I was anticipating was something like "his sister and his friends from work."

    Then of course, there is "the other woman," whose name (I believe) is Susan. I won't go any further with that.

    However, knowing The Blog Fodder, I'm inclined to trust his eminently wise and considered opinion in such matters. (See above.) I'll let you work that out with him. Though I fear he might have even less hair when you're finished that discussion.

  3. Footnote:

    About The Guy -- as in Your Guy. ("He's a dork. But he's my dork.")

    If he's hanging out with you, he's no Moron.


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