Saturday, February 28, 2009

Days of Grace: Day 90

  1. Montel is asleep on the couch beside me and his stomach is growling. It's hilarious. His supper dish is full, but he's hungry.
  2. Sushi, terriyaki chicken, and sparkling fake wine. It was a good supper.
  3. First walk through of the house happened today. Haven't heard how it went, but will talk to the Realtor tomorrow.
  4. My coworker bought me breakfast. Eggs, bacon and hash browns. Mmmm.
  5. My old friend Scoobers has resurfaced the Internet world again. She's great, but doesn't blog much anymore. I miss her! Her drawings (especially the ones of her puppy) are fantastic!


  1. So Montel is adapting to single doggy-hood?
    Bobik may end up being a single dog too as Volk ran off last evening and will not come home. When he sees Tanya or me, he runs as hard as he can.

  2. I clicked the link over to Scoober;s blog. Her art is wonderful.


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