Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Days of Grace: Day 71

  1. Watching last night's Intervention where this middle aged drunk woman kept falling down. It's mean, I know, but she kept falling!!
  2. The mother from last night's episode. She looked like one of those dried apple dolls and had the tiniest mouth I've ever seen. I wanted to take her home and put her in a corner.
  3. Going to the vet and having Vicki be so nervous she climbed up my back onto my shoulder. From the ground.
  4. Sweet and sour beef with rice.
  5. Tim Hortons steeped tea double double. Mmm.


  1. Sweet and sour beef with rice. mmmm.

  2. Strange - I just watched my first episode of Intervention and it was that middle-aged Shirley Temple lady! I kept waiting for her to be all, "NO MORE WIRE HANGERS!" Definite mother issues there. She could hammer those mini-vodkas though - impressive. I kept trying to figure out why the mini-vodkas though. Isn't it cheaper to buy in a larger bottle? I also noticed she would be in full-freakout after one mini-vodka, so probably she was two-thirds crazy as well.

  3. I heard there are some place in the southern states where you can only buy vodka in tiny bottles. They had a story on the Daily Show on time about their potential elimination and the backslash form bartenders that would have to start measuring.


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