Thursday, February 05, 2009

Days of Grace: Day 67

  1. Being picked up for a meeting by someone who knows me well enough to come prepared with Tim Horton's offerings.
  2. Supper with The Guy at Denny's. Mmmm waffles.
  3. Going to bed before 8pm because I've had a total of 4 hours sleep today.
  4. Freshly made bed with crisp sheets
  5. A long hot bath that leaves my hair damp at the ends and my hands wrinkly.


  1. Timmies, because you are not cheap but you can be bought.

  2. Tim Horton's offerings sounds dirty.

  3. I was thinking more "godess-like" than cheap when the Tim Horton's offering was mentioned... like offering an homage... hmmm... it's amazing how different people can interpret things, eh?


Crap monkies say "what?"