Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Days of Grace: Day 66

  1. Smart ass blog readers.
  2. The temperature has finally risen to a nice warm (relatively speaking) day. I took the pups for a long walk and enjoyed every part of it. We had a good time and I chatted away to them the entire time. The neighbours think I'm crazy, but happy.
  3. Knowing tonight is my last shift.
  4. I slept well today. This makes up for last night when I hardly slept at all the day before. Hopefully I will be coherent tonight!
  5. Cuddles with the pups. In 11 days, Vicki goes to live with Ky and I will miss her.


  1. All these years I had no idea I was reading an assblog.

    (My feed said assblog, so I'm just pretending there's no space there.)

  2. Roger: Not just an assblog, but a SMART assblog. There is a difference.

  3. Hold on. Why does Roger get to be the smart ass, while I'm just a blog reader?!? lol

    Isn't it amazing how a 20 degree swing can make it feel like spring...even if it only brings the temperature to 40?

  4. Come on, you know you'd rather have smartass readers than dumbass ones.



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