Saturday, January 31, 2009

When did I become my Grandparents?

Daily dose of fun.

Soon I will be giving away my colour TV and wearing a haz-mat suit to use the microwave.


  1. What are you doing swallowing an ob tampon? Seriously. That one pill is huge.

  2. Those all perscription or are there some over the counter and supplements in there as well? Either way I'm still pretty sure I have you beat by a good chunk, but hopefully not for much longer, my meds make me feel worse not better.

  3. Ky: Ha! That would be awful. Tampons would be way too dry to swallow.

    Jason: Few are prescription. Most are supplements. The supplements are the reason I'm being like my grandparents. They were totally into holistic crap and died way younger that they planned.

  4. prairie nymph31/01/2009, 22:17

    Grandpa and Grandma died in their 80s!! (Grandpa because of the highway flaggers not being on site, hitting a patch of gravel and rolling the van. No one knows why Grandma died, her kids asked for no autopsy.) i guess they had planned to live to their 90s...
    you'd have to get rid of the microwave completely, and all the sugar in our house, and have social calls with convicted murderers to finish the imitation.

  5. Mom died of a massive heart attack.
    And you would have to take an eggcup heaped up with "supplements" to begin to compete.
    I remember once we had a delicious ham and lentil soup for lunch. After lunch, Mom, Dad and Ross had a glass full of protein supplement. Doh...

  6. Right there with ya on this one! :-)


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