Saturday, January 31, 2009

Days of Grace: Day 62

  1. How excited the dogs are to race home after a walk. I let them off their leashes about htree houses away and they run like the blazes to the front foor. It is their favourite part. They wait on the doorstep with a look like "What took you so long?"
  2. Making each dog's name into a song. Today, I've been bastardizing Beethoven. Mr. Mont-el, Mr. Mont-el, Mr. Mont-el, you're swell. Vick-ick-icky. Vick-ick-icky. Mad-did-ison, Mad-did-ison. And so on.
  3. Napped on the couch with puppies, read a book with puppies, lounged around with puppies, went on a walk with puppies.
  4. My flowers from the other day are still gorgeous. No idea what kind they are, but they make me happy and think fondly of The Guy for being thoughtful for no reason.
  5. Utter laziness.

1 comment:

  1. Three houses ought to be safe. In summer, they will run off on you.


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