Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Using your head

Since The Guy got Rockband, it has taken up a large part of our conversation.

The Guy: Today I played that Weezer song on the guitar while I sang.

MayB: Really? That's great. But how did you hold the mike while you were playing the guitar??

The Guy: [grinned knowingly and tapped his finger to his temple twice]

MayB: You taped it to your head?

The Guy: No, Bron. I bought a mike stand.

Oooooh. That's what you meant. I would like to remind you, I have two degrees. Yup. Two. I am SMRT.


  1. that's some serious talent right thurr.

  2. I was thinking about buying Rockband the other day and didn't. Why? Because they were out of mic stands.

    Great minds, I suppose.

  3. My friend actually wraps the mic around his neck and props it up with his chin so asking if he tapes it to his head really isn't that far fetched. I would bet a million dollars that people actually do that. One. Million. Dollars.


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