Monday, January 12, 2009

Now that's commitment

The day before The Guy proposed, I was chatting with my friend Jess. She mentioned she had seen The Guy coming out of a store with something awesome, but she wasn't going to tell me in case it was my Christmas present. When he proposed the very next day, I was sure she knew something. So I called her.

Did you know what he was going to do?
What are you talking about?
Yesterday, when you said he had something awesome. Did you know what he was going to do?
I'm still confused.
Did you know he was going to propose?? (sounding frantic now)
What??? He proposed? That is great!! Congratulations!! (tells everyone at the office.)
Did you know?
No! I had no idea. I saw him coming out of the store with a Wii. I thought it might be your Christmas present.
I could have had an engagement Wii??

I teased The Guy for awhile that I wanted one. Maybe we could register for it? Then, today I went over to The Guy's place and he was putting together a Wii. Complete with Rockband! I was so excited. I finally got my engagement Wii.

Now, I want my wedding Wii fit!


  1. Oh honey! I am so happy for you!! You will have so many years of happiness. It makes me a wee bit envious cuz I don't have a WII.

    Oh, and as for the engagement, and getting married, I'm happy for you too!! That's almost as good as the WII. And if you would please include a photo of your intended spouse, I could give my honest blessings on him too!

  2. OH, and I'm the FIRST to comment on your WII.......and the engagement too. (I keep forgetting)

  3. Dana, I'll email you our Christmas letter.

  4. That's the single most romantic thing I've ever heard. I'm surprised more men don't do that.

  5. Before we got engaged and then married, my husband joked that he was going to buy me an "engagement TV" - a big screen TV instead of a ring. I did get an engagement ring, but I had been saving up and after we got engaged, I bought him the TV - which I also get to enjoy.

  6. The Guy says the ring was for me, the Wii was for him. I think that's fair!


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