Saturday, January 10, 2009

Here, have some. No, I insist.

My friend and his little guy are crashing at my house for the weekend. Little Guy is at a stage where everything is exciting. Even learning to share. Heck, especially learning to share. He is pretty sure he wants to share, but as soon as he does, you can tell he's rethinking it.

Tonight, he shared half his bowl of cheese puffs with the dogs. As soon as he would give them one, he would snatch his hand back and glare at them. Finally he told his Dad he was done sharing with puppies. He moved on to me.

As we sat watching a movie, he would -- one by one -- bring me crackers. I am sure I got 15 crackers at least before he ran out. It went just like this for the better part of half an hour.

Little Guy: Fow you.
Me: Thank you so much. Mmmm. Tasty.
Little Guy: Dad, I shawd.
His dad: Yes, I see that. Good for you.
Little Guy: Here. Fow you.
Me: For me? Thank you.

and so on.

At one point, a dog snatched one of his sharing crackers out of his hands before he could give it to me. The look of indignation on his face was pretty priceless.

The whole thing was pretty darn cute, but I have to admit, I was glad when he ran out of crackers.


  1. It somehow seems like a rip off that adults have to work to be funny and kids can pull it off with crackers.

    Nice post.

  2. He is absolutely adorable and I would sit and share crackers with him for hours! How nice of you do do this for them :)

    Also, what an angel you are for helping me with my blog header! I love the look of yours. So clean, simple and fresh. Great job! I'll be back, of course :)

  3. What a sweet kid. Of course sharing an unchewed cracker is a bonus. I can't believe the dogs accepting a little tyke so well. Good for them.


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