Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Day of Grace: Day 10

I panicked for a second and thought I missed yesterday, but I didn't. Phew. Today has been a day. The last day of work for a bit. I have a meeting tomorrow and one Monday, but otherwise, all I have to do is a list three pages long. No biggie. Hmm. That looks spelled wrong.

  1. Organized space. I reorganized my basement laundry room. It is tidy and not overcrowded and makes me almost want to do laundry. Well, not as much want as need considering I have no clean underwear left in the house.
  2. Dogs play fighting in the snow. Vicki and Montel love to wrestle in the snow. Vicki grabs Montel's back legs out from under him and he grabs her leash and drags her around. It's pretty darn cute and completely amusing to watch.
  3. I have two gifts wrapped. No! Three!!
  4. I don't have to work tomorrow. Or the next day. Or the day after. Do you see a pattern?
  5. Honey Cruller Tim Bits. They are pretty much the awesomest ever. "Crullers" seems to be an uncalled for name.

I am participating in NaBloPoMo and 365 Days of Grace in the Small Things.


  1. Honey, don't be crulle to a heart tha's true?

  2. Would you mind doing my laundry, too? I'll even lend you my second last pair of clean underwear.
    Ew. No, I won't. ;)

  3. Organization rocks. I've spent the last two days catching up on all things that have needed reorganized and it feels almost orgasmic to sit back and see what a success it all was.



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