Friday, November 14, 2008

What? I read for fun, not education

I come from a family of readers. We each have a book collection that fills about 12 - 17 boxes when moving. At least. Possibly more. We all have books stuffed into every corner of every room. There are certain things in our family that are staples. Books are like that.

So, I wasn't surprised when Ky asked what book I wanted for Christmas. We tend to buy each other books, movies, CDs, or CDs of a movie based on a book. I scoured the Chapters website to see what I might like. Nothing immediately jumped at me so this is what I said:

I have no idea which ones I might want. So, search around. I'm sure you will find something I like. If not, look for anything with a Navy Seal in it and the words "heaving bosom".

I am participating in NaBloPoMo. Or, as a fellow blogger calls it "NaBlowMe". At least one post every day for a month. What was I thinking??


  1. Maybe "Slow Hand Luke" has a sequel?

    Also, all of my friends are really surprised by the number of books I brought with me to Edmonton. I was like...these were just the ones I couldn't do without for 2 years. The rest are at home.

  2. Nablowme is almost over. We've been so good, haven't we? (even though my posts have been dreadful lately, and I often go to bed saying, "What were you thinking??"
    I know, this comment doesn't really have anything to do with books.
    But at least I'm consistent in my ramblings.

  3. You're rocking the NaBloPoMo - and almost done.

    Hope the book is good!

  4. That is the funniest blog in a long time. You truly read classic literature! and LynnieC's "Slow Hand Luke" sounds like a porn movie.

  5. Sad part is, "Slow Hand Luke" is a book I've actually read. And it's not technically porn.

  6. So it isn't a take off on Cool Hand Luke? The Paul Newman Movie?

  7. Amanda and I found that book in a Zellers in Prince George, and I had to buy it for Bron. It was totally a take on Cool Hand Luke, I'm sure of it, or else it wouldn't be as funny.


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