Saturday, November 15, 2008

Rubber duckie, you're the one

I enjoy a good bath every once in awhile. In fact, I will even have the occasional shw-bath* to have both clean hair and relaxed muscles. When there is no one home, I leave the bathroom door open so the dogs can sit on the bathmat and keep me company. If I don't, they sit outside the door and siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh, and scccccccccrattttch, and whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. It's for my sanity.

Rarely do the dogs try and join me in the bathtub. Well, they try, but it's only happened once before. It caught me by surprise as I was leaning back, head on the bath pillow, eyes closed, bubbles doing what they do, when *WHAM* Madison lands all four paws on my stomach and settles down for a nap.

I'm much more careful now.

Lately, Vicki has discovered a new way to investigate the bath tub without actually joining me. She would join me, but I am against it. (One should never come out of a bath smelling like wet dog unless one is a dog who is wet.) Instead, Vicki jumps up on the edge of the tub and walks around it like a cat. She crouches and examines the water, leans over to lick the water off your shoulder, and otherwise just stares at you.

She was doing the same little cat-like thing (The Guy keeps telling her she is not a cat, she does not believe him) and wandered the edge of the tub. Then she realized if she leaned all the way over, she could drink from the tub (*hurl* -- Dude, when did I become the person who does that? Says crap like *hurl* and *smiles* like I'm some 14 yr old posting on MySpace??) So, Vicki is leaning all the way into the tub, still perched on the edge. She figures this is still following my don't-come-in-the-tub rule without actually having to obey. I'm watching her and think to myself, "This is actually pretty cute as long as she doesn't fall-"

And then she fell. So I finished my thought, "-in."

Wet dog is not how I wanted to end my evening.

*Phrase coined by Ky to combine a shower and bath. Shower first, bath after. It's a good system.

Blinking heck. I forgot the NaBloPoMo thing again.


  1. I want Vicki here now.

  2. Vicki is a cat. She just looks like a dog. Give her a kiss from me too.

  3. My cats will walk on the edge of the tub and bend down to take a drink or lick from my shoulders too! And once in awhile they fall in, and that sucks because you better pull all your body parts away from their claws or they'll rip you apart trying to jump back out!!!

  4. It's bath first, shower after, because baths are filth soup.

    My cat drinks out of the tub, too, which has several times resulted in a wet cat streaking through the house leaving trails of water everywhere. At least it makes me clean the floors.


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