Friday, November 14, 2008

90 x 365: Grandma H

This is a picture of my grandparents (my Dad's parents) when they got married. I have no idea what year it was, although I imagine my father will know. Grandma H looks so happy there. Soft and flowy and gentle.

Looking back, I feel like I didn't know my Grandmother too well. I know things about her, but not from a personal relationship, but rather from stories I hear from other people. I know she liked poems and limericks. Her favourites were slightly off coloured and mischievous. I know she liked to garden. She had a huge garden and planted a lot of flowers and veggies.

There are things that make me think of her. Roasted peanuts with the skins still on, but out of the shell. Dried banana chips. Fall colours - rust, gold, green. Rubber boots.

I look at the old pictures of her and I wish I had known her better.


  1. Oct 13, 1945. I wish you had known her better too. She was a good person.

  2. I'm always jealous of anyone who was close to their grandparents. I never knew either set of mine. My father's parents lived one state away, but because there were family "issues", I saw my grandparents a total of about 3 times my entire life. My mom's parents were still in Germany, where she came from, and my grandfather wouldn't fly so I never even met him. My grandma would fly, and she came over about 3 times to visit us, but she spoke not a word of English, so it was tough.

    Sigh. Sorry you didn't get much time with your grandma.

  3. Almonds in the shell make me think of Grandma too. And really, REALLY heavy brown bread.

  4. Dad: I knew you would know. Being that you were there a while later.

    Giggle Pixie: I got lots of time with her, I just didn't bother to get to know her. Then she was gone.

    LynnieC: I forgot about the bread!!! How could I forget about the bread. It's heavy brown bread and real butter that makes me think of her all the time.

  5. Yes, you could fire a loaf of Mom's bread with a small cannonthrough the side of a wooden ship. And her oatmeal porridge stuck to your ribs (and everything else it touched.


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