Sunday, November 02, 2008

I'll be here all month. Try the veal.

Yesterday I was thinking about joining NaBloPoMo and trying to post every day for a month. I thought it would be good for discipline, writing, schedules, and bothering you Dear Reader as much as possible. When I posted on the 1st -- quite accidentally -- I thought, "Hey! I'm in." So, here you go. This is what I am doing. Stay tuned for thrilling topics and... stuff.

Yeah, this is going to go really well.

I'm participating in NaBloPoMo for November. Why? Because I want to torture both of us.


  1. Yaay!! We can both post a month's worth of crap, together!

  2. But isn't that, like, CHEATING? I want the real stuff. You know. I want to hear about your insecurities and failures the way, your comment on my post made me you have diabetes or were you just jiving me.

  3. Rock on with your bad-self - it's harder than it looks (I know, all the months I did it you thought it was easy!) Have fun, I'll be here :-)

  4. Sherendipity: I'm hoping some of it won't be crap! Of yours and mine. Good luck!!!

    Dana: There will be real writing. And no, I haven't diabetes. Sugar-betes is just me mocking my disgusting intake of candy yesterday.

    Mandy Lou: I know, one day in and I'm stressed about it. But I might cheat and write a whole bunch at once to post over days I would otherwise miss!


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