Saturday, November 01, 2008

Be careful, I know people.

While discussing costume choices, friends and I were lamenting over the poor choices of female costumes available. Women can go as anything they want as long as it is the slutty version.

Want to go as a nurse? You can be a Slutty Nurse.
A cat? You betcha. You can be a Slutty cat.
A police woman? Slutty (possibly stripper) police woman.

Well, you get the picture.

So, to be funny, I quipped, "I'm going as a social worker this year. A slutty social worker." To which Jess replied, "Isn't that your every day costume?"

They will likely find her body in the trash bin any day now.

I am participating in NaBloPoMo for November. Why? I feel the need to punish both of us.


  1. At least "slutty social worker" makes sense. It'd be hard to dress as a "slutty call center/data collector". :-)

  2. Jess the trash bin girl01/11/2008, 19:57

    Geez! Two death threats in one week, that has to be near a record of some sort. Careful now, I may just release your Black Velvet recording as payback.

  3. Evil G: You're right. Not the same ring. You may have to consider a career change.

    Jess: That's how you know you're loved. I don't threaten people I don't care about.


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