Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Howl-eween

Waiting for little kids to terrorize.

Get it? Howl? Dogs? Yeah? Funny, right? No... ok.

Since the dogs got their haircuts a few weeks ago they have been dressed up for Halloween. Except Vicki. She had the thing off before we got in the car. I tried putting it on her a few more times and she was out of it before I turned around.

So, Montel and Madison say "Happy Howl-eween!!" and Vicki says "Meh."


  1. I miss the puppies so much it hurts.

  2. My heart hurts from missing the puppies so much.

  3. She does seem a bit stand-offish. Maybe Halloween just isn't her thing. :-)

  4. Seriously, Vicki should be happy that it wasn't any worse than a bandana.

  5. Vicki is a dog with her own drummer. She'd as soon spit in your eye than be accommodating. And yet, she's the most affectionate (without being needy) of all the dogs.


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