Sunday, November 02, 2008


There is nothing quite like being surrounded by puppies as you cry your heart out.

They instinctively know when something is wrong. Even before the tears start. They pace and whine as though a storm is coming. They check back with you often -- face peering into face -- intently scanning your eyes with shared pain in theirs. They don't know what is happening, but they know their owner is not okay.

Tears flow and each dog takes his or her turn lapping at your eyes as though trying to dam the tide. Each gasp of breath is acknowledged in some way. Soon they realize they can do nothing but keep watch. Each takes a spot along your body like they are circling the wagons against an unforeseen enemy. Heads lay on your lap and watch you, offering the only comfort they know -- a swipe of the tongue, a nudge of the head.

Alone in your misery, you are not alone. Without judgement, they band about you to protect you as you have them.

I'm participating in NaBloPoMo for November. Why? Because I want to torture both of us.


  1. I miss my puppy most especially then... They are so much smarter than they get credit for.

  2. Oh boy, Bron. What were you crying about this time?

  3. Wow. I just realized that sounded insensitive without my accompanying sympathetic tone of voice. I meant it as a sincere inquiry, not as a mean mockery.

  4. I'm hoping you're ok and this was just an observational post.

    And you're totally right. I've always said to my husband, who is not an animal person like me but is learning, that animals definitely sense when things are not okay with their master, and they will try to comfort you and stick near you until they're sure you're okay again. Animals rule.

  5. If you need someone to take you our for coffee give me a call. 'Cept it'll be tea.

  6. Ha! I totally read Ky's comment with the sisterly bitchiness I assumed it was intended.

    Also, this reminded me of the time when I was migraine puking and you sent Maddy out to take care of me so that you could shut your door and not feel bad. She stood up on her back legs and put her front paws on my back as I puked. It was sweet.

  7. I'm just fine everyone. The idea came to me last week when I was upset. It's all good now. But thanks for the inquiries.

    Ky: I read it sympathetically. Does that mean we're growing?

    Lyn: I sent in Maddy for comfort b/c I couldn't go in myself. Otherwise, we'd both have been puking.

  8. Whew, i'm glad you're okay. And yes, you're right, our furries are the best shoulders to cry on.


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