Saturday, November 29, 2008

Close one

The gang at my office are going out tonight to go Glow Bowling and then to shoot pool. (I cannot say that phrase without thinking of Pebbles Flintstone saying "shoo poo?") I am really looking forward to this night out with friends even though The Guy can't come with us. Something about a curfew of 8pm. Stupid working at 4am ruins all my fun.

I decided to get all dolled up for the evening. I showered (ooh!), dried my hair and put on makeup. Then, I went to brush my teeth (which I almost always do after I've put on lip gloss. Duh.) I pulled out my toothbrush from its resting place and grabbed the first tube of toothpaste near my hand. Thank goodness I looked down before putting it on my brush.

Beef flavoured.

I had the dog's toothpaste lying on the counter from when I had to do an emergency brush on Vicki's teeth at 3am.

That could have been ugly. Although, it would have gone with the bacon-flavoured floss I've heard about.


  1. Wow. I can't believe you're in a gang. Isn't that highly inappropriate for your line of work?

  2. Beef-flavored toothpaste doesn't make any sense, even for a dog. Isn't part of the point to make their breath smell BETTER?

  3. They have honey flavoured toothpaste here, as well as more normal mint stuff. Even beef flavoured would have to taste better. Please add a couple of tubes of Colgate Soda and Peroxide toothpaste to my care package. You will have to hunt for the small print as they changed the name to something with WHITE in it.

  4. What toothpastes do they offer for vegetarian dogs? It's not fair to discriminate, you know. Vegetarian dogs need their teeth to be clean too!!!!


  5. Pah! That was funny, Gina!


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