Sunday, November 30, 2008

End of an era

Or, a month at least. It is now officially the 30th of November which means I have now posted every day for a month. To tell you the truth it wasn't that hard and I kind of enjoyed the extra push to punctually post. (Alliteration. Whee!)
I feel like there were only a few posts I wasn't overly thrilled with this month. So, that's not a bad record. Of course, maybe you all don't feel the same way!!
I may even consider doing it again for December. The NaBloPoMo topic for December is "Thanks". So, considering Schmutzie's call to find 5 good things about every day for a year, I may start now. Of course, if it goes as well as x365 did, I will get a handful of entries done and take 3 years to do them.


  1. But more goodness is better than less goodness, so go for it.

    If it helps, I am completely struggling, and I just wrote my 7th "Grace in Small Things" list out of 365.

  2. Congratulations!!
    You did an awesome job.

  3. I thought you did a fantastic job. Way better than I could have done!!


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