Thursday, October 23, 2008

No, but they are awesome at Algebra

The other day Crazybarefeet and I were talking about possible future plans for the dogs. If I give one away, which one it will be, who it will be to, how that will work, etc.

Crazybarefeet turned to me and said, "So, one of them might be going to a new H-O-M..."

Suddenly she stopped and said, "Can they spell?"


  1. Hahaha! Can they spell...that is good!


  2. Man - if dogs can spell I'm in huge trouble!

  3. They likely spell better than their owner. When she was a kid in the lower grades, her excuse for horribly misspelled words was "That's how I wanted to spell it". Pretty much sums up her life's MO.

  4. Wanna' trade one of your dogs for a beagle? She can't spell but I'm pretty sure she has some form of telepathy..

  5. Great. Now I'm an idiot in your blog, as well as mine!


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