Sunday, October 19, 2008

I don't even know you

Tonight, The Guy and I popped in Iron Man and started to watch. The Guy was in the other room puting something away as the beginning credits rolled. I became very excited when I recognized an actor that I love and tried to tell The Guy who it was.

me: Hey! The Bridges actor that I love is in this. Um, what's his name? The sexy one? Beau? No, that's the chubby one. Lloyd? No, that's not it. Jeff! Jeff. Jeff Bridges is in this.

The Guy: Who? I didn't see him.

me: Jeff Bridges. You know, "The Dude".

The Guy: ---- [blank look]

me: The Dude. The Big Lebowski? The Dude.

The Guy: I have no idea who you are talking about.

me: Seriously? The Dude. Come on. Everyone knows The Dude.

The Guy: I've heard of it.

me: Heard of it? HEARD OF IT????? Every guy I know quotes from The Big Lebowski. It's like the freaking Godfather. For crying out loud, heard of it.

[minutes pass]

me: How can you not have seen The Big Lebowski?? I don't understand.

The Guy: You have to remember I have only watched 10% of the movies you have seen.

me: Still. It's a cultural icon.

The Guy: Really? Can you tell me what engine that is right there? [points to the screen]

me: No. But that is so not the same thing.

The Guy: How can you not know that? It's a cultural icon. [now he's mocking me, see how he does that?]

me: Shut up. It's not the same thing.

[minutes pass]

me: I can't believe you've never seen it...


  1. I've never seen it either, Wade, so tell her some people have more to do than watch movies 24-7. But I do know who Jeff Bridges is. And Lloyd too 'cause I'm old!

  2. It is one thing to be a man in your 30s and not have seen _The Big Lebowski_ but it is an entirely other situation to have never heard of it. Next your going to tell me he's never pretended he was a Reservoir Dog when he wears a suit or over used the phrase "You are so money."

  3. You totally have to put The Big Lebowski on your movie rental list. This cannot go on. We cannot allow The Guy to continue through life without having experienced THE DUDE!!!!!!!!! lolol

  4. Dad: You're old. If John Wayne wasn't in it, you didn't watch it. TBL is an important part of my generations sub-culture. He has no excuse.

    Janice: Exactly.

    Evil G: Oh it is on the list now. It's just not right.

  5. I've never seen that movie,
    but it was big with people 3-4 years older than me (my boyfriend).

  6. Well. I've never seen it. And what's more I DON'T EVEN WANT TO.


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