Thursday, August 28, 2008

Just keep movin' on

Now that the sisters are officially moved out of province, I am alone at home with the three dogs. The Guy is quite pleased to be moving up on my list of priorities, now that I am not distracted with sisterly fun things. To loosely quote Mr. Big from Sex & the City, they are my best friends and a guy is lucky to come in 3rd. Still, I am glad they've moved on to bigger and exciting things. Despite the fact they have abandoned me all to myself.

But I digress.

The Guy has been teasing that, now he's gotten rid of the sisters, the puppies are next. Every time I talk about the dogs, he grins and tells me how he has their "hobo packs" all ready for them.

As cute as that image is, I think I will keep them all for now. Despite The Guy's "encouragement".


  1. I got stuck for a minute on Mr. Big. Mmmm....Mr. Big.

    Their little bags packed--that's horrible! But funny.

  2. The guy must sorta come above the dogs right? Eh, who am I kidding I'd run into a burning building to safe our kits and pup - I'd just hope that Scott was smart enough to notice the house was on fire.

  3. The idea of Monty with a little hobo pack is SO cute.

  4. I wonder what would be in a dog's hobo pack? dog cookies? A blanket?

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