Friday, August 22, 2008


Ky rented a U Haul to move to Victoria. I got to drive said U Haul for part of the trip. I then got to help unload it in two locations.

Each truck has a hitch on it so you can drag tow things behind you. There was no towing on this particular U Haul, however, there was still a hitch. A hitch where I banged myself up numerous times. On the same leg. In the same spot. I said many bad words that day. And every day since when I bang it again on something else. (After something like this, my mom used to say "And that is why we didn't name you 'Grace'." I would like to point out that my mom was mean to me and I didn't like her much.)

I decided that words were not enough to explain the extent of the self-harm I inflicted upon my right leg. I thought I should show you.

The bruise is 3 inches across at it's widest point and 5 inches up and down. This is it after 8 days of healing. 8 days.

This is not the most flattering angle for my calf. While I do have my mother's calves of steel, they do not usually look as though I need to buy bell bottom jeans just to get them past my ankles.

Today, Lyn and I were loading up some things from the garage into her U Haul. I stepped down from the bed of the truck and moved to get another item. And... SMACK!!!!!!!! I walked full into the hitch. On my left leg. I now have matching injuries, although my left leg has not had time to bruise quite so fully. Instead, it left a puncture wound.

I texted The Guy to tell him about my most recent injury. I told him he missed a string of eff words like he'd never heard before. He replied, "That's what I like about you. You're such a lady."

That's me. Grace, charm, elegance, modesty. All those things and more.


  1. "tell you what to do, how to do it and then that you're doing it wrong". When I first read that I thought she is her mother's daughter all right. Now when I read about you bruising your legs, I said the same thing. Your mom could not walk through an empty room without banging into a table. Not clumsy, just in a hurry. Slow down, you move to fast.

  2. I am a klutz and have always been a klutz so I also have bumps and bruises all over my legs and arms and half the time I can't even remember how I got them anymore.

    THOSE bumps and bruises I'd definitely remember. Owey!!! I hope they're feeling better now!

  3. I feel you pain, I am a bruise magnet! But at least you know how you got them, I wake up with bruises and have no idea where they came from (though it does beg the question of what I do at night).


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