Wednesday, August 20, 2008

And... we're back! Don't get used to it.

First leg of "Moving the Sisters 2008" is over. Ky wrote a great post chronicling our journey over here. You will notice that for the entire journey, I did not wash my hair, I wore the same sweat pants and I just let my belly fat roam free. I just want to point out it was a 24 hour trip you judgemental bastards.

We are now back in the city that rhymes with fun. I have never been so exited to be in a place that did not smell of poop and fish. After being so exhausted from our flight home, (not to mention the week of travel, unpacking and sightseeing) I couldn't sleep until 2:30am or so. But just being home was enough.

The last day of being in Victoria my stomach was filled with dread. Not because Ky is now living there, I think she did the right thing in that. It was all dread-filled because I was leaving her there. Then all the other things I have been dreading/hoping for/excited about/anxious about came to the surface. I was leaving Ky alone in a weird city filled with hippies and weirdos. Then I was coming back to send Lyn to a city filled with capitalists and Oiler fans. *shudder* (Please note, it would have been much worse if I had to take her to *ugh* Calgary) And then, I was going to be alone.

So, here I am on my first day back, in the dark of my room because I am too lazy to lean over and turn on the bedside lamp. I am enjoying my own bed with clean sheets and puppies passed out taking up most of the Queen size-ed-ness. And I am avoiding the second leg of the trip.

Also, since I know you were wondering, the puppies had a great time staying home with Becca. I think she might have enjoyed it too. Only one dog pooped anywhere inappropriate and they were all excited to see me. And Lyn. But not as much. They are much furrier than I remember and their breath is worse.

All in all, I would say it was a success.


  1. No matter what, it's always good to be home. And to be snuggled in with the pups on nice clean sheets. is good!

  2. I am glad we have your vote over Calgary. It does my heart good.


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