Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dog List: Part VII - Visitors

So see Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V and Part VI

  • They will bark like mad. (The dogs, not the visitors)
  • Tell them the people are friends and let them in to stand in the foyer [I don't have a foyer. I meant entry. Which is just a rug.]
  • The dogs will settle a bit and then the friends can sit down
  • The dogs will climb all over them
  • Vicki might hate them. She's temperamental. Hold her for a bit, then let her investigate.
  • No dancing or loud, jumpy movements. The dogs are INSANE.

I know. This is way too much info. I've never left them alone this long and I am crazy.

*I don't think I spell checked this post. Dude. So bad.


  1. Don't worry. As a fellow animal worshipper I totally understand. My husband, on the other hand, sincerely does believe I'm crazy.

    I say, pish tosh. All those puppy/kitten kisses and snuggles are totally worth it. :-)

    Now ENJOY your trip!

  2. Hi there,
    I visited Becca and the dogs last night. All was good. We went for a good walk as well with them. I enjoy Madison the best. It was weird..I read your blog b/c so many people say we are alike (we have a lot of mutual friends and same writing style), then I was at your house, but yet we know nothing of each other.

    I think I just increased my creeper points.

    Have a great trip. All is well.


  3. Evil Genius: We are two of a kind. While I was on the trip, I kept remembering things I should have added to the list. I told The Guy and all he could do was shake his head.

    Lynette: Nicely done. I will add that move to my stalker handbook. I have one. I am glad you could come over and help out Becca. Someday you will have to come over when I am here too. I am thrilled you like Maddy!! It takes a special person to love her. A kindred spirit.

  4. Let's do it then. I am sure Becca can introduce us.

    Until then....


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