Thursday, August 21, 2008

Chickens is sons of bitches*

While in Victoria, Ky, Lyn and I did a lot of wandering downtown. The first night we wandered, all the shops were closed so we did a lot of window shopping. That's my favourite kind as it keeps me from spending my grocery money for the next three months.

Ky forgot her camera for all the important things we did and saw so I had to resort to my phone camera. My real camera has been on the fritz since I went to Cuba in February and, despite taking it in for repairs, it is still broken. Ugh.

We went past The Hat Shop and I stopped dead. There was a little girl's hat, propped on a tricycle, in the shape of a chick.

Isn't it the cutest ever??? I want to have a little girl with dark hair so I can make her wear it all the time. And then she will hate me and need therapy. But isn't it worth it??

*This title is just for Ariann. For realz.

*I had to adjust the title. I got it wrong at first. Ooops.


Crap monkies say "what?"