Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I think I am going to buy my own domain. Drop the blogspot. of the buggering crap monkies. In fact, drop blogger altogether. I've been thinking about it a while now. I have no idea what purpose it will serve. I am just so annoyed at blogger and, as such, want something a little less... irritating.

I am exploring my options. I will keep you posted. I know you can't wait. It's pathetic, really.


  1. It's so FREE though. The danger is if you pay for the same thing and still find it irritating.

  2. Not knowing anything about it, I'm with Roger. As long as it's FREE.....well, it doesn't cost anything! Right?

    Keep me informed as you learn. I'd rather learn from what YOU know than have to do the learning myself.

    Never mind me. I decided to stop smoking an hour ago and also decided that it would be a lot easier to quit smoking if I could have a cigarette to help me get through it. nuts. Where's the lighter.

  3. I like Wordpress a lot better than Blogger, though I have to say that the latest version has its quirks. I think it's just because I was used to the old way though, not because I have any actual objections to the new version.

  4. Do you go to a domain store ??
    I am clueless as to where you purchase these things.



Crap monkies say "what?"