Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Canada Day Festivities

Today, we had plans to head to the park for festivities. Festivities which included plywood boat races and mini donuts. A group of us met at a friend's so we could all travel together. The Guy and I walked into the yard and were met by an outburst of laughter.

"Did you plan that?" his friend asked.

I looked down. We were wearing matching outfits. We are officially the lamest couple ever. At least it wasn't intentional.

Walking in the park, there were dogs every where out with their owners enjoying the Canada Day fun. One dog was the side of a horse. The Guy looks at me and says,

"That thing could eat your dogs and poop them out whole."

Fastest walk ever.
Taking the dogs out during a fireworks show.
They run like the hounds of Hell are at their heels.


  1. For what it's worth, the Canada Day festivities here in NYC were remarkably sedate.

  2. Ah the joys of living near the boarder - we got to watch the fireworks across the river. And the dog was pretty much under the bed the whole time.

  3. LOL at the image of dogs running from fireworks.


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