Friday, June 27, 2008

Sit and Rescue

Because my house is so small and airless, we leave the front door open as much as possible. (Don't worry, The Guy installed a nifty lock thing on the screen door so we won't be attacked.) The only down side to the door being open is that the dogs have a great view of things they would otherwise be oblivious to. Thus, they bark more. More? MORE?* Yes, they bark more. I didn't think they were able to either.

Tonight, they went ballistic. But, instead of there being a plastic bag rolling down the street or an innocent person walking by, a small bark replied. From our front lawn. And then closer. Then farther away. The dogs were going nuts, so I went to check it out. Two small dogs darted into the street - back and forth - in front of a car that was slowed down and pulling over. I went out to investigate**.

I asked the young man*** if they were his dogs, but he had just stopped to see why they were wandering around on their own. He called one dog over to him (a teeny black dog - no older than 6 months) and I coerced the older dog to me. I checked the tag and greeted little "Elmo".

Elmo had a phone number on his tag (from a city about 3 hours away) so my rescue partner called it. Apparently, Elmo and Lily live with her daughter somewhere in the vicinity of my house. She did not know the address, so agreed to get her phone number and let us know where to take them.

I tried to pick up Elmo in order to make sure he did not go running for the hills. He screamed as if I had stabbed a knife into his rib cage. Knowing I had not, I decided against picking him up. I wondered if he had been hit by a car and had some damage. He wasn't bleeding or limping, but I didn't want to take the chance.

Not knowing what else to do with Elmo and Lily, but not wanting to let them go, I decided to sit down with them instead. Rescue partner followed suit. So, there we were -- two strangers from the neighbourhood -- sitting in the middle of the intersection holding onto two dogs. Many cars drove by thinking we were clearly insane. One even stopped to see if I had been hit by a car.****

Eventually, my rescue partner got a hold of the owners and discovered their address. They lived only a few houses from him. We loaded up the dogs into his car. Elmo deemed it ok for me to carry him in attempt to escape the confines of the vehicle while Lily hopped into the car freely and decided to drive. My rescue partner then drove off into the night. I returned home and had to endure my dogs sniffing me relentlessly and with great disdain like "How dare you be out with other dogs"?

* Obscure reference anyone?

**In my pajamas!!!! Grey bra, orange tank top, grey sweats that look like I pooped in them (saggy bum) and hair a mess. Thank goodness I have a man, because there is no way I would have snagged one in this outfit.

*** He was cute. However, he kept saying the phrase "we" a lot which means he is married or living with someone. Of course, when I say "we" I mean my sisters, so maybe I shouldn't assume.

**** I had to say "No, I'm just in my pajamas."


  1. Because it's impossible to be hit by a car in one's pajamas. Doesn't everyone know that? ;)

  2. was is Oliver TWIST?


  3. I once knew a dog who yelped (read: doggie-screamed) when I tried to pick him up. He wasn't injured, I guess he just didn't like it! It was kind of traumatic for me, though, I thought I'd hurt the little guy.

  4. Yes, It was from the movie OLIVER.

  5. Joe, in that outfit she likely looked like she had been hit by a garbage truck. No wonder the dog screamed when you picked it up. It was terrified.

  6. i thought it was the pointer sisters. jump. that's because i'm uncultured. and i can't use capital letter.

  7. "Please sir - may I have some more?"

  8. Sounds like your "around the house duds" pretty much mirror mine. I figure, if my husband can look at me in these clothes and still love me, I've latched on to a good thing.

    But I still like the idea of a cute stranger going so far out of his way to see that two stray doggies found their way home. It's kind of romantic, innit?

  9. I just wanted you to know that I listed your site on my blog under BLOGGERS BLOCK. (I thought I already had)

  10. And I'm back. It's midnight and, as usual, I fight sleep. I just had to tell you that what you did for those puppies, well, it HAD to be done! We're all just glad that you weren't naked. Well, "I" am glad.

  11. I have a neighbor who mistakenly lets her dog out of the house a lot and I have to rescue it...

    Thank God there are people like you who take the time to watch out for loose doggies and dog sit until their parents show up!

    I am usually in PJ's too!!

  12. My freaking little dog yelps...yapping little biatch that she is.

    Well it was nice that someone stopped to ask if you were hit by a car, while wearing your p'js...could happen...ya know.



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