Monday, June 23, 2008

Are you sure?

As I was running into work to pick up something I had forgotten, I saw two street guys sitting on a bench deep in conversation. I had seen these guys around, but never had the pleasure of interacting with them. The one gentleman had a bushy white beard a la Z Z Topp but was missing a large portion of his teeth. The other was very tall with a pot belly.

Toothless Z Z Topp smiled at me as I passed. Since I am not afraid of smiling at strange street men (when will I learn that, I wonder?) I smiled back.

TZZT: I was just telling my friend I think you're sexy.
Me: Oh, well... Thank you.
TZZT: He asked if I was sure, but I told him "Yup, she's sexy".
Me: Well, thanks again.

Then I walked a little bit quicker, went and did my business and then high tailed it back to my car without a further in depth conversation as to how only 1/2 the male street population (and one strange female) finds me sexy.


  1. Uhhh toothless found you sexy.. WHAT A COMPLIMENT...and tall and potbelly didn't?

    Nah. Tall and potbelly was being a gentleman. He was truly embarrassed that toothless blew their cover.

  2. So are you implying that he would have been fine if he'd only left out the "are you sure" portion of that particular conversation? ;)

  3. Dana: yes, that must be it.

    Joe: That's exactly what I mean!! If a homeless man who hasn't showered in weeks needs to question if you are sexy, there are problems.

  4. Even ZZ top homeless men need made their day!



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