Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Smiley Puppies!

As I was going through some pictures on our cameras, I noticed two things. First, there are more pictures of our dogs than of anything else. (Second most reoccurring theme is self portraits of Ky making weird faces.) Secondly, I noticed that my dogs smile a lot.

Close up of Motel smiling.

Vicki smiles all the time. I think it's because she can't see what's going on.

Madison smiling during a car trip. Just as long as the windshield wipers are not going.


  1. My baby bichon is 16 and is starting to stumble a bit. IF/when anything happens to him I won't be able to look at the photo albums. He's in ALL the photos. Right there beside me in every one, or usually, in most photos by himself. *sigh*

  2. My Casey was a big smiler. I loved it. Puppy smiles rank right up there in happy factor as baby laughter. =)


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