Tuesday, May 27, 2008

84 x365: Greg

He has been a family friend since forever. In fact, it goes back to before forever. My mother was roommates with his mother. My two best friends growing up were his sister and his cousin. I used to pick on him when we were kids and make him cry. His nickname for me has always been "Scrawny Broni" (although, I never was). He is the oddest young man I have ever met and everyone who meets him loves him. You can't help it. He's just too weird not to.

When The Guy and I went to visit my brother and sis-in-law, Greg came to visit. He knew my birthday was coming up, so he decided to get me something. I was surprised to see him carting a gift bag when he came into the apartment. I was more surprised when I looked into the bag and saw underwear. All I could think of was The Guy's reaction to meeting Greg for the first time as he was giving panties to me.

I warily opened the package further and burst out laughing. Greg had bought the largest pairs of underwear he could find. I could put them on over my clothes and pull them up under my boobs. They were huge. We spent the rest of the weekend wearing them - over our pants, tied in bandannas on our heads, anything we could think of. (I say "we" but really I mean my brother and his wife.)

When I got home, I told the story to everyone. I tried them on for an audience and was convinced to have my picture taken. Here it is - in all my splendor. All thanks to Greg.


  1. The sad thing is I look worse than the girl with giant panties over her jeans.

  2. uh........those are MY underpants. No, really. There's threads coming out of the leg elastic and the tag itches. Right? Yep. They're mine alright.

  3. looks like your ready for an 80's 'Fame' themed party! Tell the truth, you're wearing leg-warmers too...aren't you?? I should tell you the story of my gramma wearing a thong....backwards...


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