Monday, May 26, 2008

It's sew time

About 5 years ago, I inherited my Grandma H's sewing machine*. It was a cute little thing, obviously from the 70s, in great condition. Grandma had kept all the original instructional booklets and written little notes in all the margins. It was impeccably kept. I'm not sure how much she used it, but I assume it was a lot.

I owned it for 5 years. I admit, I put it through the ringer. I made curtains and blankets and pillows. I love to sew and will find any excuse to do it. And then... it broke. My Grandmother owned it for 30 years (give or take) and I managed to kill it in 5. Impressive, I know.

I was heartbroken. I took it apart and oiled pieces. I wiggled and moved pieces. I tried to make sure it was all working and then I put it back together. (All except that one piece.) Nothing. So, I gave up. It is still sitting on my spare room floor - a lifeless carcass mocking me and my need to create.

I borrowed my sister's in the mean time. However, I knew it was only a matter of time before she leaves me and I know she will take it away from me. So, I hoped - against hope - and I asked for it for my birthday. Now, it's a big ticket item. Not a one person gift by any means. So, I had no expectations I would get it. None.

Until my birthday. Ky let it slip the gift I was about to receive was a group effort. And The Guy was picking it up. He brought it in from the truck and there it was. In all it's glory. A Singer sewing machine. With buttons and lights and flashing things. It has 144 stitches (what??) and knows the alphabet (smarter than me!).

I haven't opened it. I knew that if I did, I would not be able to work or sleep or do anything other than Oooh and Aaah and sew things that have been going through my mind. Once I get it open, you guys won't see me for a few weeks.

*When I first got the sewing machine, Sister in law asks where it came from. I tell her it was Grandma's. She says "Won't she need it?" I reply, "No, she's dead." I have a horrible sense of humour when it comes to these things. No tact at all. She's still mad at me.


  1. Fun! My sewing machine just crapped out on me. I have to take it in to get serviced with the no money that I have. In other news, I love your sense of humor.

  2. Glad you like it, Sweetheart. Sew up a storm!!

  3. I'm so jealous! Will you take a picture of the sewing machine, once it's out of the box?


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