Saturday, October 07, 2006

The blustery day

Lyn, I and the dogs started on a trek to my Auntie Coral's. We planned to be out of the house at 9:30 am. I figured this would put us out the door at 9:45. I know us.

The first sign it was going to be a long trip was when I opened the door and saw it was raining. Madison is terrified of windshield wipers. Not even just a little bit scared, but outright terrified. Turn on the windshield wipers and Maddy screams like you are beating her. (Not that I've ever tried, mind you.) We tried for the first while to just get her used to them, but she was having a full blown anxiety attack. She shook, cried, growled, threw herself at the window and tried to bite things around her. We went back and got her kennel. In the back seat, I put her in the kennel and threw a blanket over it. She continued to cry. We decided we were going to have to do what I've threatened for awhile. We went to get her puppy valium.

While I went into the vet's office to get drugs for Maddy, Vicki promptly threw up. All over Lyn's skirt and onto the seat of her car. Vicki had a gravol prior to the trip, but Maddy's crying had upset her so much it just didn't help. So, I'm busy getting Maddy a sedative and Lyn is knee deep in puke.

We were 45 mins later than I had planned.

Finally we made it out of town. Lyn had changed and gotten towels and I drugged Maddy and threw her in a cage. Maddy cried for another hour after we left the city. At 10:45.

The rest of the trip went okay. It poured the whole trip until the last 30 kms when I could let Maddy out of her kennel. We picked up Ky at the half way point and continued on.

Maddy is still stoned. I keep asking her if she wants Doritos.

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  1. Asking the dog if she wants doritos - I almost snorted my diet coke out my schnoz on that one!


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