Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Simple plans

If I were a lady of leisure and had unlimited money, this is what I would do.*

I would build a house and decorate it. And then, I would enjoy every bit of it. I would never clean it myself, but I would have a staff to clean and care for it and someone to cook for me. I have the whole house planned out in my mind.

It would be an open layout bungalow.** It would have many bedrooms so I could have my whole family stay with me to visit. The kitchen would be very big and have an island where I could roll cookie dough on it without running into anything. There would be a huge fridge that would fit everything I need in it and never run out of space for salad dressings or jams.

My dream though is about the bathroom. A huge corner tub that requires steps up to it. I want the walls around the tub to be glass that you can't see through. I want to be able to soak in silence and happiness with water that actually is deep enough to sit in and stays warm for more than 15 mins at a time. I want there to be plants in there, but again, I don't want to care for them.***

I need a big yard for the dogs and I to hang out in. Something with shade in one area and sun in another and a pool for the pups.

I'm a very simple girl and I have simple needs. I just want a huge house, a full staff and no responsibilities.

*I would try not to make the begining of my post sound like a poem, but that may be beyond my ability.
**Why a bungalow? Because my mother was in a wheelchair and now I will never take the chance that I will not be able to get around in my own house.

***Ky can do that when she visits.


  1. Sounds perfect, except for the bedrooms. I'd want one really big one for us, and then all the other swould be really small, so that if people (family) came to visit they wouldn't want to stay too long! I didn't move half way across the country for nothing.

  2. I like your world, and I want to live there too!

  3. Mandy Lou: Hmmm, maybe that is what my family is trying to tell me since they are all moving across the country.

    Kate: You are welcome to come. Do you want to work or just hang out? I could use a duster!


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