Friday, April 18, 2008

Oh the things I should do

I have a great list of things I should do. First on that list is to write the list of things I should do. What I do do instead (tee hee, I said do-do) is sleep, veg on the couch, stare stupidly at Twitter and attempt to think of witty things to write here.

The first week of May, The Guy and I have coinciding holidays. Any days off together are rare, but the fact he randomly took off a week and I threw a fit and took off a week and they actually are the same week? It's like all the planets aligned for one brief moment of zen. You would think we have something excellent and romantic planned. You would be wrong. We're painting his kitchen and then doing a list of chores at my house. Of course, I haven't got that list together, so I might just make him clean the kitchen.

I think the sign of true love is the fact I am willing to paint his kitchen... GREY. The most dull and inconsequential colour known to man. Despite the fact that my own homes have been colours of the rainbow. I had a banana yellow dining room table (until I sold it for $25 so I would have room to let Madison birth her puppies, but that's another story). I had a living room I painted dark purple. I have copious amounts of cranberry red paint in the basement that I am so desperate to use my dogs have almost been dipped in it. And I am painting a room grey. I'm not even complaining about it. That is love. When The Guy complains about the fact I'm making him go on the roof and check the shingles or change the oil in my lawn mower and I am just going to look at him and say, "Your kitchen is GREY."


  1. Grey??

    You're very good to him.

  2. I've always thought so. Of course, now I've mocked him in a public space, so maybe not.

  3. I laugh when people say do do too.

    That's fun to say. Do do too.

  4. The interior the Jeffery's house was varying shades of grey and white when I met him...not anymore! I like to think of it as switching from the old black and white tv to an updated FAR more exciting colour version. It was somewhat painful though..the guy doesn't cope well with change....


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