Saturday, April 19, 2008

I should never be unsupervised

Tonight was a bit of a disaster. I should have stayed in bed.

I started supper. Ky and I had a craving for steak and I knew I had one package left in the deep freeze. I brought it up and got the potatoes ready to throw on the barbeque. Then I opened the package to thaw the steaks. It was a roast that had been mislabeled. So I ran back down and found another package I had forgotten about and got it ready. I turned the heat on the barbeque way down after learning my lesson from the last time I cooked. I put the steaks on and went inside. For 5 minutes. I came back to find the steaks on fire.


Half the steak was in charcoal bits and the other half was raw. So, I left it to cook, hoping it would balance itself out. The final product was a well cooked, mostly burned piece of barely recognizable steak. My mother would have been proud. I learned all my cooking ability from her. Next time, I am ordering out.

Then, while getting ready for work, I had problems as I tried to step out of the tub. I had accidentally worn my glasses into the shower, so I had thrown them on the mat. I stepped out of the tub and saw the glasses at the last minute. So I tried to change the direction of my step. In mid air. In a slippery tub. I fell. I slipped backwards into the tub and caught the back of my heel on the lip of the tub. I caught my balance just before I landed but the damage had been done. My heel screamed in pain and almost instantly turned blue.

I hobbled into work and figured I deserved a break. I grabbed a Timmy's tea and settled at my desk. I looked down to see that I had a small problem. I had leaked. Tea was all down the front of my sweater and down the arm as well. My white sweater. It was so bad, I took it off and spent the rest of the night in my jacket and my tank top. It's hard to pretend to be a professional when you are not even properly dressed.

The rest of the night was a gong show too. It was slow until the end of my shift. Then BAM. All H-E- double hockey sticks broke loose and came out to play. I am so glad that was my last shift. Tomorrow I plan to wear a safety helmet and stay indoors.


  1. A double-double in a double cup still leaked? You should speak to Tim Horton about this. Not necessarily in person.

  2. I am so sorry but I laughed, I laughed at loud my children were asking me what was wrong.

    Hoping tomorrow is better and sorry that I laughed at your expense, but I really needed the laugh!!!

  3. Dad: The lid didn't get put on straight and I didn't notice. So, I can't sue, but next time I can check!

    SSC: I am glad you got a laugh of it. To tell you the truth, it was too ridiculous not to laugh.


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