Monday, April 21, 2008

Spring. No, winter. No, spring.

I had managed to get my head around the fact it had become spring. I was getting my yard cleaned, planning to organize things and get my tools ready for summer use. And then, yesterday, I stepped outside in my Spring outfit (cute ballerina shoes in pink sparkles!) and a light sweater.

So, of course it snowed. And then it made icy rain. And then it was windy and ugly and blowy. I had to stop my car three times from The Guy's house in order the scrap the sleet off of my windows. I think it is pushment for putting my winter boots away.

Today, it is still windy, but it has a nice warm sun to accompany it. I hope this is the last of the gross weather until... forever.


  1. That, my friend, is why all the mittens, gloves, scarves and boots are still littering my front hall. Though given the fact that we went from winter straight to summer, I think it may be safe to go ahead and put them away.

  2. It still snowed here all day today.


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