Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Things I shouldn't do

  • look up puppies for sale in the area where I live. I have three. What am I thinking?
  • look at the animals being housed at SPCA. They are all so sad and homeless. I want to bring them all home. I think once Ky moves, I will turn my basement into a dog house. I wonder if The Guy will still want to hang out?
  • search for my name with the following verbs: is, wants, must, thinks, needs, etc. This comes to no good. However, I needed an updated status for my facebook page and I decided this was the most entertaining way to go about it.
  • play online Boggle for three hours. My fingers hurt from speed typing. And, I get really mad at myself if I'm not in the top 5 players. My pinkie finger really hurts. But I think that, rather than from typing, it hurts because I hold it up delicately in the air while I wait for a letter it needs to strike. Why do they have the pinkie do all the hard work?? I mean really. A, S, W, shift. It's all unfair.
  • count the minutes until I can go to sleep. It's taunting me. And not making morning come any sooner.


  1. I torment myself regularly with I am also firmly convinced that if I were not married I would be the crazy cat lady - I'd take them all.

  2. Your problem could be that your pinkie finger isn't supposed to be doing S or W! That should be your ring finger. Your pinkie does A, Q, Z, Shift, Caps Lock, and all those other fun left-hand function keys.

    /Former student typing teacher.

  3. I also have three (cats), and I also look at the SPCA photos. And then Rob catches me and is like, "WHAT are you doing?!" Um, nothing. Nothing at all.

  4. Mandy Lou: I know. I am the same. I don't even like cats and I am in love with them all when I look online. Lord help me if I ever had the chance to adopt them all.

    Queen: Ack! I knew I was doing something wrong. I never took typing in school. I taught myself on Mavis Beacon.

    Kalki: Totally. I always get caught looking and get razzed for it. You would think it was porn!!


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