Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I can not get organized or motivated without a list. I have lists all over the house. If I have a day off and don't make a list, I know I will spend then entire day in my pajamas on the Internet. (As I am currently doing) I don't need to complete everything on my list, but it helps me to feel less overwhelmed if I have one.

I have a list today. It involves cleaning the kitchen (mountains of dishes), the bathroom, the living room and my bed room. I have grandiose plans to go through all my drawers and reorganize. To give away all the things I don't use and don't need. To be organized so I am more inclined to put my clean laundry away rather than have it piled in 5 piles around my tiny bedroom. I have to get all my tax things together (although I can't complete them because the stupidest person on earth was in charge of getting the information for the union T4s ready and didn't do it). I have to get things ready for a meeting on Sunday and Monday.

I am still in my pajamas. Hanging out with the dogs on the couch. Surfing the Internet and wishing for a house maid and a massage. I'm tempted to put these things on my list.

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  1. If only writing lists assured that everything would get done - I'd be the most productive person on earth. Mostly the lists I make just make me feel guilty for not getting things done.


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