Sunday, March 16, 2008


*I am going to talk about boobs. My own boobs, in fact. So for any male relatives or friends or husbands/boyfriends of friends or especially squeamish people, please carry on. There is nothing to read here. You've been warned.*

I have got some boob issues. Mainly they are getting too big for my body. Every time I gain weight, I get more boob. Well, boobs. Every time I lose weight, the boobs remain. I couldn't figure out why my bras had not been fitting well the last few months. I knew I had been gaining some weight again but I was sure that wasn't it. And then I measured myself. 34 F.

34 F. From a girl who wore a 36B from the time she got boobs until about 4 years ago. Seriously, I woke up one day in Grade 8 and suddenly I had breasts. I was never sure where they came from. I thought maybe the breast fairy (kinda like the tooth fairy). And now, I have to wear 36DD just to be able to buy bras not specially made for ginormous boobed people.

I need to lose weight. I have been getting the belly to match the boobs and that I'm not as big a fan of. However, I am worried I will lose the weight and the boobs will still be there. Mind you, I'm not really against it. I'm a fan of boobs. Well, my own that is. But I really don't want to have to get ones from specialty stores where they are handmade by seamstresses trying to keep the masses under control. I'm too cheap to have boobs requiring their own property tax.


  1. I have the same problem! What's up with that? My bras are all falling apart because I can't find new ones that fit.

  2. I wish I had boob problems.
    I guess a person first needs boobs in order to have boob problems.


  3. Can one refer to one's own boobs here? Because I have the opposite fear; I'll lose wieght and the boobs will go too. I got them - sort of - when I had kids, and then the rest when I gained all this disgusting weight. YOu're talking to a 32aa...when I was in my twenties. Yep, looked like a boy. So if I lose the icky weight, will the boobs go? Because I'm getting fond of them.It'd be better if someone else were fond of them but you can't have everything, can you?

  4. Now from a guy's perspective...

  5. 34H. that's all I'm sayin'. and the property taxes are worth it... from someone who avoided specialty shops until the age of 31. ;)


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