Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Big Dreams

Anybody else have a dream today about driving cross country with a sumo wrestler who insisted on stopping at every McDonald's along the way?

No? Just me then.


  1. Hehe... that would be a really slooowww journey.

  2. no, but I did dream 2 nights ago that my mom got me a job right out of school and was upset when I quit because it involved working in the slaughterhouse of a company that caught crocodiles that morphed into deer. My flight to wherever the job was lasted longer than the job... sadly no sumo wrestlers involved... :(

  3. I dreamt that all the frogs came out of hibernation and there were frogs EVERYWHERE. Then, the weather nosedived to -30 and there were dead frogs everywhere.

    It made perfect sense in my dream.

  4. I drove across the country with a husband, a sister, a brother-in-law, a 6 month old niece and three cats; and we did stop at a lot of McDonald's . Does that count?

  5. This is the effect that comps is having on my reading abilities:

    I first read this post as saying: "Anyone else have a dream of someday driving cross country with a sumo wrestler..."

    I really thought you'd gone off the deep end.

  6. Highly recommend the drive. but steer clear of all that mcdonalds LOL


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