Monday, March 03, 2008

75 - 79 x365: Hospital Years Part II

I started talking about the hospital years awhile back. I thought of a few more people to add to the list. It is coming up on the four year deathiversary and I've been thinking a lot about that. Maybe more will come of that, but I'm not sure.

#75: Velda

The General. The drill Sergeant who ran the show while my mother kept her organized and efficient. She had a strong personality and butted heads with my mother quite often, but they were steadfast friends. She recognized my mother's potential and moved her to working in areas high above her original job as executive assistant.

#76: Lil

She had big hair, big rings, big clothes, a big laugh and a big personality. She was strictly a Saskatchewan girl, but at times had a Southern drawl. I figured that in her last life she was a truck stop waitress in Texas. She and her husband played crib with my parents every few weeks and she filled in my mother's job when Mom got sick.

#77: Lady in the Room after surgery

Mom met a lot of people in the months she was in the hospital. I guess there is little as bonding for strangers as trauma and sickness. One woman who shared a room with Mom after surgery ended up becoming a good friend. They had little in common the days spent alone together in a small hospital room bonded them quite firmly.

#78: The mean nurse

One night after a surgery, Mom had a bad night. Paranoia and fear overwhelmed her. No one was with her as family was not allowed to stay the night in this ward. She called for a nurse and asked for help. The nurse told her to go to sleep and firmly shut the door so Mom's crying would not bother her. I've never really forgiven this faceless nurse.

#79: Scott the paramedic

The final trip to the hospital, Scott and his partner came to the house. Mom could see them out the window and was horrified. She was in her pajamas, hadn't shaved her legs and the paramedics were good looking! Scott put her as much at ease as he could. We covered her legs with a blanket and Scott joked that he would soon get her hopped up on so much morphine she wouldn't even notice. I rode in the front of the ambulance with Scott driving and was quite pleased I had worn a cute outfit to church that day.


  1. That nurse sounds like a crazy broad who might not actually have any business working in a hospital. Hopefully it was just an off day, and she's not like that all the time!
    And Scott sounds like a great guy.

  2. I want to kick the mean night nurse.

    It really is coming on four years, isn't it? No wonder we were all crying when Lyn posted the penguin clip from The Chipmunk Adventure.

  3. AND it would have been mom's birthday tomorrow. How's that for depressing?

  4. #78: The mean nurse
    I am so sad reading this and knowing a little history behind the hospital years.

    It breaks my heart that someone could be so cruel someone who is so vulnerable. I started to cry to think of mother and how scared she might have been. The only solace that I get is knowing what comes around goes around. Maybe that RN will find herself in a situation and no one will be there to comfort her. May she reflect on what she did to your mother.

    Saw Lynniec's comment.
    Happy Birthday to your mother! My heart goes out to both you and your sister. My family tradition for those you are no longer with us. My grandmother has a birthday every year since her death and we burn candles in her memory.

    I will be thinking about you both and will have burning in memory of your mother!!! I promise you that.

  5. Sorry trying to type and cry leads to understandable comments.

    What I meant to say, I will be burning a candle in honor/memory of your mother for her birthday!!!


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